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The complete guides to UK and International parcels

Send parcels that are big or small, heavy or light. Add features such as home courier collection, tracking, home printing drop off or in store printing. See our parcel guide.

We have researched the different services to send parcels within Europe or further afield. Use our international parcels guide to see our recommendations.

We've researched the best options and the most competitive prices to send UK and International Parcels

What is most important for sending a parcel is different for everyone – cheap, efficient, quick, well reviewed, low carbon, home collection… the list is endless!

We’ve looked at different sized parcels and come up with the best recommendations and tips to help you choose from the vast number of carriers and services.

When it comes to posting a UK parcel, sending an international package or even doing a European removal, you’ll find everything on this website!

What is a Parcel?

A parcel is a package bearing the name and address of the recipient and it is delivered via a parcel delivery company through their delivery and courier network.

In the UK a parcel is only really different to a letter in that a letter can be posted through a letter box and a parcel can’t. However, the size of a “Large Letter” is quite large, so could be big enough to be a small, rectangular parcel – see our Letter Guide for more information on Letters. 

Where can I send a Parcel?

You can send a parcel pretty much anywhere! At ParcelGuide we’ve divided destinations into the UK, Europe and Non-Europe/Worldwide as these are the general categories and price points for parcel carriers. The speed, protection and tracking you can choose for your parcel depends on your budget and value of the package you are sending.