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Parcel and Letter tracking

Use this helpful widget to for parcel and letter Tracking. It will automatically detect the carrier from your tracking number and show you the status of your shipment.

For more details about parcels and letters please see our parcel guide and letter guide.

Package tracking has become an essential feature of parcel shipping:

  • It provides verification for the sender that the parcel is in transit or has been delivered
  • It provides customers information about the route of a package and the anticipated date and time of delivery
  • It provides the parcel carrier with real-time information of the performance of their delivery network

Parcel tracking is especially important for international parcel delivery as this often involves multiple carriers in varying environmental circumstances, which makes it more likely for a mail to get lost.

Online parcel tracking is available with all major carrier companies and has been improved by tools (like the one above) which consolidates tracking information from different parcel carriers. 

Many carriers have combined parcel tracking features with GPS systems in their delivery vans which can provide accurate, real time location information on a parcel in transit. These systems provide the most accurate delivery time estimates to keep parcel recipients informed and updated.

Whilst tracking information is useful, it still does not guarantee a parcel doesn’t get lost. ParcelGuide recommend protective cover for all valuable domestic UK parcels as well as all international parcels. In our parcel and letter guides we have recommended delivery services that include a level of cover as standard, however always double check that this is sufficient to cover the parcel you are sending.

Please also see our parcel packaging and envelope guides as these provide extensive information on how to properly prepare your parcel or letter for its journey!