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The Complete Guide to sending parcels and letters

All the parcel, postage and shipping information you need to send parcels and letters cheaply within the UK and internationally

A letter sent via Royal Mail and delivered through a letterbox needs to smaller than 35.3cm x 25cm x 2.5cm thick and weigh no more than 750g. See our letter guide for more.

Send parcels that are big or small, heavy or light. Add features such as home courier collection, tracking, home printing drop off or in store printing. See our parcel guide.

We have researched the different services to send parcels within Europe or further afield. Use our International Parcels Guide to see our recommendations.

ParcelGuide’s envelope guide has all the information you need on the different sizes, colours, quality and features of envelopes. Our letter size guide helps you choose the correct postage for your letter.

Use our Postbox Finder widget to find your nearest letterbox, how to get there from your current location and the post collection times.

Use our parcel and letter tracker widget to find the status of a shipment. The tracker will automatically detect the shipping carrier from the format of the tracking code.

We’ve produced a packaging guide with tips and product recommendations so that you can send a letter or parcel safe in the knowledge that it has been packaged well.

Information about how the postal service in the UK is regulated as well as advice on how to make a complaint when things go wrong.

ParcelGuide’s directory of parcel and shipping firms include the website links and contact details of all major UK parcel delivery firms​.